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As long as I can remember, music has been the focal point and so much of the meaning of my life. I was not many years old before I found my way to the piano bench - not because I was under pressure from my parents, quite the contrary! Certainly I'm from a musical home, but it was not the classic genre that dominated the home. I remember a day I was quite small when I by chance heard a snippet of E. Grieg’s Piano Concerto on the radio, and I almost froze in the body. I believe it was that very day that it all began ...

Besides being a pianist and composer, I work as a choral conductor. Over the years it counts many concerts home in Denmark as well as abroad. One of my many highlights was in 2014 when I conducted an excerpt from M. Haydn's Requiem in the Cathedral of Krakow with soloists from the Polish State Opera. At home I have been in numerous concerts both as a conductor as well as piano soloist particularly in Tivoli Concert Hall.

In my teens my interest for choral music was growing, and when I was 17 years old, I established my first choir, Ranum Church Choir. A few years later I became assistant conductor at the Philharmonic Choir. Through the years I have been the conductor of several choirs, both amateur and professional choirs, latest Ydunkoret of 1857, for which I was the conductor for 10 years.

In 2002, I created the ballet 'Hope' jointly with the international choreographer Adria Ferrali, which was set in New York and Berlin.

In 2001, I was further employed as a music teacher at the Copenhagen municipality.

I am often used as piano soloist and guest conductor at home as well as abroad. The major works I have conducted includes:

W. A. Mozart: Requiem, Mass in C minor

G. Fauré: Requiem

JS Bach: Mass in B minor, Christmas Oratorio

GF Handel: Messiah

M. Haydn: Extract from Requiem

A. Dvorak: Stabat Mater

I have received several awards and scholarships.
Marco Lorenzo